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There is a list of "lost" members of the Class of '64 here.
If your name is on that list, please enter your Alumni Contact Information* at left AND email your contact information to Ron Woods to be included in his database of graduates.
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Lost and Found

A visitor wrote about a PHS class ring:
"Hi there, I am in possession of a class ring from Pacific high school dated 1967. It was purchased in a pawn shop in a small seaside town called Dun Laoghaire(pronounced dun Leary) in south Dublin the republic of Ireland. I was interested to find out how it got from California to Dublin and maybe locate its original owner......"

Another visitor wrote to ask us for help in locating the owner of a PHS class ring he found:
"The ring is yellow gold with a light blue colored stone on top surrounded by lettering....... PACIFIC HS PIRATES on each side 19 77, a sailing ship on one side and the letter P on the other side. Initials J M on the inside of the band."

We received a note from PHS staff:
I am in possession of 2 class rings mailed to Pacific High School over the last few years. One is a Class of 1970 girl's gold ring, size 7ish, oval purple stone, initials A.K. inside the ring, found in Ohio in 2002. The other ring is a Class of 1969 boy's gold ring, size unknown, oval purple stone, band cut in back, initials G.A.G. inside the ring, found in Idaho in 2005. Any assistance in locating the original owners would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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